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Most study programmes rated #1. Education at Avans is of top quality. For many years we have maintained a leading position in the national ranking systems among universities of applied sciences.

There is no victory without struggle Although this may seem like a big cheesy cliché, it is also a cold hard truth. And we at Avans believe in this truth wholeheartedly.

That’s why we expect a lot from our students. We expect you to be all in, keep working at it, constantly pushing yourself to be the best you can be and surprise yourself of what you are capable of. In return, you will get top quality education and our undivided personal attention, support and dedication to help you find and unlock your true potential.

Studying in a country with an international and innovative outlook.
Interaction and teamwork are the pillars of the Dutch education system. Two factors that make studying in the Netherlands so enjoyable for foreigners: naturally, you get to know your fellow students – after all, you will be working with them. Secondly, the lessons are interactive and ‘student-oriented’: you receive the attention and also the freedom you need to develop into a skilled and creative professional.

Description of the study program(s)

Safety & Security

Expert Class

  • University

    Avans UAS
  • Study

    Integrated Safety
  • Degree

    Bachelor of Scienes
  • Duration

    Minor, 4th year of Bachelor (Sepember - January)
  • Obtainable credits

    30 ECTS
  • Main Language

  • Admission Requirements

    150 ECTS and a completed internship
  • Costs


About the program

Implementing risk-reducing measures is no sinecure. This minor aims to raise your level of risk management skills to proficiency level, making you a true risk management professional. Safety, Security, Health & Environment and Quality staff members operate within complex organisational contexts. Every day, these professionals face questions such as:
  • What level of risk is acceptable?
  • Can we measure safety and security?
  • How does risk management contribute to the success of the organisation at large?

Learning goals

You will be challenged to deliver advice tailored to the needs of organisations. You will develop your risk compass, enabling you to navigate in trying safety and security environments. You can calculate whether measures deliver enough risk reduction compared to their costs in terms of money and time. You do not stop at advice but implement measures as well. You understand why people break rules and know how to encourage them to comply. You are able to investigate incidents. And you will obtain knowledge regarding quality, safety, security, occupational health and the environment. The Expert Class in Safety & Security offers you a head start with regard to the final thesis of your studies. You will be taught to do research in a master-apprentice model. This will steepen your learning curve.

Program content

  • The risk professional
    Develop your risk compass
  • Philosophy of care
    Defining organisational care
  • Outcome-based risk management
    Develop a strategic plan which will contribute to establishing risk management
  • Incident investigation
    Controlling the controllable
  • Occupational health, safety & environmental care
    Risk assessment
  • Master–apprentice tutoring
    Preparation for the applied research
  • Work placement or applied research project
    Demonstrate your skills as an expert


‘s-Hertogenbosch / Netherlands
Onderwijsboulevard 215
5223 DE 's-Hertogenboch


+31 (0) 88 525 75 50


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