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Profile of the university

School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security of the Universitat Autònoma was the first to offer studies in risk prevention and security in Spain in 1998 and undertook the task of professionalising a sector which until then had no openings in universities.

The educational model of the school offers the security sector the opportunity of advancing towards European standardswhile taking on new lines of research and teaching innovation. At the same time, it has made great efforts to maintain a close relationship with companies in the sector in order to respond to their growing need for qualified personnel.

Our offer of courses is aimed at both new university students (from high school or vocational training courses) who want to enter the labour market, and active professionals who are seeking to advance in their area of work, either by studying for a Bachelor’s degree or for one or our Master’s degrees or postgraduate diplomas, or specialisation courses. Currently, the school is working to achieve greater internationalisation by participating in European networks in this area which promote its consolidation and greater proximity to the European continent in matters of risk prevention and security, a strategy that has begun to produce results, among other things, with the first Summer School.


Campus de la UAB
Plaça Cívica
08193 Bellaterra
Barcelona, Spanien


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