Risk, safety or security studies

General information

The exchange of students between CONRIS members from different countries is arranged through the Erasmus+ program. Students of partner universities who wish to study abroad at a CONRIS member University - should turn to the international office at their home institution in order to be selected into a programme of the CONRIS universities. The CONRIS representative of your home university (see the overview of partners) can inform you about this in more detail and can inform you about the actual offers of universities.

1. Get your nomination
Before filling in the application form for incoming exchange students at a CONRIS university, you need to be nominated to student exchange by your home institution. A person responsible for international activities at your home institution needs to send the nomination information to the international planning officer for Safety and Security studies.
2. Fill the electronic application form
After the host university has received your nomination information they will send you an email containing the instructions on how to fill in the electronic application form (this may take a few days).
3. Fill our online application form

Fill in the online application form by the given deadline during the application period. You will also be required to make a preliminary study plan on the application.

NB! Deadline for studies in autumn term / winter semester and academic year is May 1th. Deadline for studies in the spring term /summer semester is October 30th.

4. Wait for your acceptance
After you have been accepted by the host university you will be asked to make the actual Learning Agreement with the studies you want to do at the selected the university.