Laurea as a higher education institution

Profile of the university

Laurea is a higher education institution that operates on six campuses in the Uusimaa region. People and interaction are at the core of its operations. Our activities are based on a sense of community, social responsibility and creativity.

At Laurea, studies, RDI activities and regional development are carried out in cooperation with different participants, including a variety of social actors, sectors and international partners. Cooperation is based on equality, with everyone being able to produce new knowledge and understanding.

People and interaction are at the core of Laurea’s operations. Laurea’s brand promise, “Together we are stronger”, describes our collective operations.

Learning and practical work go hand in hand at Laurea. Real-world assignments, such as projects and development work, are a key element in all our fields of study. During their studies, Laurea’s students get numerous opportunities to build their future jointly with potential employers.

Thanks to the close study-time cooperation with employers, the employment rate of our students is excellent. Of Laurea’s graduates, 93.7% find employment within a year of graduation (Finnish National Agency for Education, 2015).

Our practical approach to studies and real-life study projects ensure that our students get networking opportunities and can accumulate work experience.


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