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FH Campus Wien

Profile of the university

The University of Applied Sciences, FH Campus Wien, is an educational institution which offers a rich variety of 20 bachelor-, 16 master degree programmes and 11 master degree programmes for advanced professional training in the fields of Applied Life Sciences, Engineering, Construction Engineering, Health, Social Work and Public Sector. At the interface between these disciplines innovation in teaching and research and practice arise.

Description of the study program(s)

General information

What is particularly special in the degree programme Integrated Safety and Security Management is the holistic orientation: apart from the details about risks in “people - infrastructure - organisation” you will gain psychological expertise and learn about human behaviour in extreme situations. During your studies you will additionally profit from the acquisition of nationally and internationally recognised certificates. You will apply the theoretical knowledge that you acquire during an (industry) placement semester and your work on R&D projects. You will bring structured reaction ability and enjoyment of communicating with you to the degree course.

Study: Bachelor Integrated Safety and Security Management

Content: You will acquire the expertise to proactively analyse structural and operational security questions and risks. You will define strategic objectives and develop future scenarios, in order to put preventive measures in place. Besides risk analysis, you will deal with technical safety and monitoring systems e.g. for security services and fire protection, and with safety management systems. You canl specialise in various topics (e.g. Environmental Management, Integrated operation control, Functional Safety)

  Study time Part Time 6 Semester (beginning in September, End in June)  
  Costs EUR 363,36 + ÖH premium per semester + € 76,64 Contribution to additional expenses to facilitate student life on campus  
  Website Overview of your studies  

Study profile

In the basic courses you will learn to understand the topic of risk, Safety and Security over its entire range. You will gain the details of "people - infrastructure – organisation". The three core areas "personality", "risk analysis", "economics and law" will prepare you for sensitive safety and crisis management problems.
You will receive nationally and internationally recognised certificates, e.g. occupational safety engineer, fire-safety engineer, risk manager and quality management.

Study content

  • Physical Protection
  • Process Management
  • Quality Management
  • Risk Management
  • Fire Safety
  • Security Management
  • Occupational Safety Management
  • Information Security
  • Crisis Management
  • Personal Skills
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Internship

Description of the study program(s)

General information

Risk Management and Corporate Security encompasses all strategic provisions and measures in the areas of risk, security and business intelligence. They are one of the most significant success factors for today’s businesses. For this reason, there is a rapidly increasing demand for experts at the headquarters of large corporations. Risk management & corporate security specialists are involved in decision-making at the highest levels of management as analysts and consultants. They carry decision-making responsibility not only for security issues, but also for all business issues related to security. They identify trends and backgrounds and ensure that the risk and security strategy of the company is in line with the business requirements and the objectives of the executive management.

Study: Security & Safety Engineering "(Master of Science)"

Content: The master's degree program in Risk Management and Corporate Security is in the strategic field and is carrying out pioneering work in the necessary harmonization of training standards. The training objective is to catalog, network and present all the potential risks that threaten a company, and based on this, determine the appropriate measures to avoid or minimize those risks. The students will therefore explore in depth the latest technological and scientific possibilities for analyzing and assessing risks. Beyond the protection of the company, its employees and values, it is important to gather competitive information and to identify opportunities and possibilities for development. Management means to purposefully allocate people, resources and information according to time and space. This master's degree program will prepare you for a management position. You will gain the essential skills to make strategic decisions regarding the allocation of resources in a company.

  Study time Part Time 4 Semester (beginning in September, End in June)  
  Costs EUR 363,36 + ÖH premium per semester + € 76,64 Contribution to additional expenses to facilitate student life on campus  
  Website Your Master’s Degree Program at a Glance  

Study Profil:

This master's degree program stands out due to its focus on strategic management. Here you will learn the concepts and practical methods for strategy and strategy development. In addition, the master's degree program places particular importance on the "human factor". The human factor issue is addressed across all the technical modules, whereby both the individual as well as the behavior in organizations, and the impact on decisions and actions are explored. The master's degree program places particular importance on practical training. For example, in the 2nd semester students are to create a risk management system with various real software solutions as part of a multiple semester project course.

The introduction of the planned master's degree program has been welcomed by many experts in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. Mainly due to a lack of in-depth training, particularly in Austria, in the areas of risk management and corporate security up till now.The graduates of the master's degree program in Risk Management and Corporate Security will be qualified to develop and realize a comprehensive risk management within a company and to establish comprehensive strategic security concepts, and will be capable of advising management in the development of new business fields and in company development. Due to the strong international focus, you will thus be well prepared for a position both in a commercial enterprise as well as an international institution.

Study content:

  • Business organization and management systems
  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Risk management Corporate security management
  • Crisis management and business continuity management
  • Business activity and decision-making skills Personal skills
  • Multidisciplinary methodological skills

Possibilities for incoming students

Studying in Vienna – in the centre of Europe

Vienna is an international acknowledged academic location where contacts are made and networks are established. Internationalisation is a lively process and our staff dedicates themselves to this endeavour. A premium choice of practical placements and stays abroad as well as collaboration in border crossing projects are the core piece of recent education. You are invited to actively use these possibilities.

At the moment FH Campus Wien has about 100 partner institutions all over Europe. Students from these partner institutions have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters at FH Campus Wien within the Erasmus Programme.

We also accept freemover applications, i.e. applications of students whose home university is not a partner institution of FH Campus Wien. All applications will be examined in the study programme and you will be notified via e-mail if your application has been accepted.

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