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Fire Safety (Master)

University Danmark Tekniske Universitet
Study Fire Safety
Degree Master
Study time 4 Semester
Costs -/-
Website Master of Fire Safety

General information

Since 1999 the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) has offered a Master in Fire Safety as an training program. The master is aimed at persons who will lead and coordinate tasks within fire safety technology both in private companies and in the public sector.


The master is a research based advanced education, which objective is to give students with practical working experience and a preceding education an advanced continuing education within the area of fire safety. The Master in Fire Safety gives the students knowledge, skills and competences, which qualifies them to possess high qualified positions in companies, institutions and the public sector.
The objective of the education is to give the candidates a wide range of competences to be used in activities within fire technical project design and consulting in engineering companies, fire technical building project handling at the public authorities, fire technical product development at building material manufacturers, fire insurance at insurance companies, fire technical testing, fire inspection and for positions as authorised fire inspectors, fire chiefs and emergency management chiefs.
This is achieved through two initiatives:
  • Quality: By aiming at an appropriate standard within building technics and fire technics.
  • Topicality: By attending courses, which represents the newest development within safety philosophy, fire development, construction dimensioning, evacuation and demonstration/testing of function based fire demands.

If all modules are attended, the duration of the education is typically 4 half years (semesters), where the workload corresponds to half time. The courses are to a great extent taught as remote learning via the Internet containing 3 meetings with duration of 1½-2 days. The typical availability is 3 courses per semester.

Study content

Courses 2013-2014

All courses are 5 ETCS

0. Semester – Efterår 2010
  • 11E16 Admission course in mathematics and physics
Semester 1 – Spring 2013
  • 11B01 Structural Fire Safety
  • 11B04 Fire Safety in Buildings (Currently helt in danish)
  • 11B25 Fire Dynamics
Semester 2– Fall 2013
  • 11B11 Environmental chemistry
  • 11B12 Fire Modeling
  • 11B24 Fire Chemistry
Semester 3– Spring 2014
  • 11B05 Fire Risk
  • 11B13 Performancedbased Fire Safety Design
  • 11B26 Fire Modeling 2 (CFD) (optional) or
  • 11B27 Complex buildings (optional)
Semester 4– Fall 2014
  • 11B17 Fire Safety project

Contact Details

  • Dept. of Civil engineering

    profil Brovej, Bygning 118
    2800 Kgs. Lyngby
  •  Educational secretary

    profil Annette Frøhling
    +45 45251726
  • Associate professor, Head of studies

    profil Anne Dederichs
    +45 31656163