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Internal Security (Bachelor of Arts)

University Wszechnica Polska University
Study Internal Security
Degree Bachelor of Arts
Study Time BA 6 semesters (180 ECTS)
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General information

During the Internal Security Studies at Wszechnica Polska University in Warsaw students gain a broaden knowledge of social and political sciences, crisis management, criminal activities and functioning of the state. They will explore the broad range of topics concerning national security systems, which constitutes the basis for understanding internal security.
Knowledge and skills acquired during these studies are needs for proper analysis and evaluation (assessment) any of the security phenomena related to safety of the population in the local and regional scale and take effective activities in emergency situations.
Therefore our students gain an interesting theoretical approach as well as master practical skills. Studies in this direction will prepare them to lead a team of employees to work in public administration with a focus on organizational units of the state departments responsible for internal security of the state. They will be able to join the uniformed services and protect society against any threats.


There are four groups of subjects: general education mode (f.e. ergonomics and safety, intellectual property protection, informative technology, statistics), basic education mode (f.e. security of the state, internal security in the European Union, science of the state and law, organization and management, social psychology), course of studies educational mode (f.e. forensic science, criminology, protection of personal data and classified information, selected issues of safety in public transport, selected issues of terrorism) and specialization mode (f.e. public finances, criminal analysis, social pathology, contemporary communication systems, fighting crime in cyberspace, human protection and civil defense, rescue activities, etc.)

Study content

  • Safety and logistics of international transport
  • Detectives
  • Public Order and Safety Protection
  • Prevention of terrorist attacks
We are one of the few civilian universities in Poland, which comprehensively take the issues of protection, public order and public security both on 1-st and 2-nd degree of studies.

Internal Security "(Master of Arts)"

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