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Security Management
(Bachelor of Business Administration)

University Laurea University of Applied Sciences
Study Security Management
Degree Bachelor, BBa
Duration of studies 210 cr, 3.5 years
Costs for degree students Laurea does not have tuition fees, but international students need to cover their living costs themselves and are not eligible for the Finnish government student grant. International students are entitled to students benefits, however. See Laurea website for further details.
Website Laurea University of Applied Sciences

General information

As a Bachelor of Business Administration you will contribute to the profitable operation of companies and organizations. Your competence area will include the development, provision and marketing of customer-centered services. Financial management of operations and knowledge of regulations that guide the operations will also play a key role in your tasks. Business administration expertise is needed in helping companies and organizations to make a profit and to develop operations in a responsible manner. A Bachelor of Business Administration may work and apply his or her expertise as an entrepreneur or an employee. The Degree Programme involves working together with companies and organizations.

The core competence of a Bachelor of Security Management is the same as that of a Bachelor of Business Administration. Through work placements, a thesis, projects and elective complementary studies, the students can acquire competence related to a security field. You may work in specialist, supervisory and management tasks related to the acquired competence. Possible job titles may include security specialist, security planning officer, head of risk management, head of security, fire inspector or security sector instructor.

Study profile

Study content

The competence modules in the Degree Programme of Security Management are

  • Business and Entrepreneurship knowledge
  • Security Management with focus on building security, personal safety, security of operations, safety and security in society, information security or security management
  • Service Innovation Development
  • Work Community Expertise

For more information on the Degree Programme in Security Management, please see the online Study Guide or please contact the Head of Student Affairs Mari Koski,

You can also take campus or virtual studies on Laurea Open University without applying for the BBA studies. Click on the link for more information.

Exchange students and trainees can study/train at Laurea during autumn semester, spring semester or for the whole academic year. Orientation is organised in the beginning of autumn and spring semesters, and is open for all international students to participate!”

Laurea UAS also has Master Programme in Security Competence (MBA), but it is currently offered only in Finnish. Some of their studies, however, are also in English and could be taken as Open University studies.

Interested? Please check the Laurea UAS English website, the applicants guide, and do not hesitate to ask contact persons for more information!

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