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Security & Management
(Master of Arts)

University Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL)
Study Security Management
Degree Master of Arts
Study time 4 semester (postgraduate, part time )
Costs 1800 € per semester(full time)/ 560 € per module (part time)
Website Security Management (Master of Arts)

General information

The M.A. in Security Management provides the skills required for higher management positions in industrial, operational and municipal security and is based on the Bachelor programme. With its concept of theory and practice it is a unique Master Programme in the field of security.

The conceived degree Programme is based upon a didactically proven blended learning concept. Combining the draft of theory and practice it is a unique Master Programme in Germany with an interdisciplinary approach. Content wise, students find a programme with overlapping issues from the sciences like economics, law as well as social sciences.

Study profile

Regarding the challenges of a modern risk society security issues become of an increasing and essential significance.
Not only are the private security sector and municipal authorities increasingly faced with the task to create convincing security concepts and crisis strategies but also industrial and service companies. Generally speaking, business competitiveness and success increasingly depend on up to date and professional risk management.

This degree programme was developed in cooperation with industrial and company security experts as well as police and policy specialists. The programme has, additionally, close contacts to professional associations and interest groups in the field. The M.A. in Security Management is the first programme of its kind in Germany, and it provides the skills needed for higher management positions in industrial, operational and municipal security.

Study content

The Master programme pays great attention to the combination of theory and practice.
Key competences and expert knowledge are conveyed in the issues like process integrated corporate security management, stakeholder oriented security services, public private partnerships, risk- and crisis management under complex conditions, inward and outward management, security concepts for large scale events, legal and business requirements for security management, targeted hazard prevention (on basis of simulation).

Security Management "(Bachelor of Arts)"

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