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Security Management (BBA) at Laurea

In Laurea Leppävaara you can study to become a professional in the field of security and safety. With us you will learn to develop innovative security solutions and new services as well as utilize diverse development methods throughout the degree programme. This aims to enable students to acquire high level of integrity and the ability to develop innovative security solutions and new services for both private and public sectors.

The studying in Laurea is based on group working. This way the students get to practice the different roles of project working which is beneficial for their future careers. The material for the studies is available in electronic form and as books at the Leppävaara campus library, which has the country's largest security related book collection. It is possible for students from different programmes to cooperate and create projects, so the diversity is endless. The students may also participate in the bigger projects that Laurea has, which is a great way of networking and receiving additional credits.

The core competence of a Bachelor of Security Management is the same as that of a Bachelor of Business Administration. Through work placements, projects, elective complementary studies and a thesis you will be able to develop your security related competences. Business administration expertise is needed in helping companies and organizations to make profit and to develop operations responsibly. As a Bachelor of Business Administration you may work and apply your expertise as an entrepreneur or an employee. The Degree Programme involves working together with companies and organizations.

During our programme studies include core competences in risk management, business operations, personal safety, information security, security management and the security of operations, facilities and environment. Security management experts can assess the financial costs of various security risks and determine the financial benefits of security measures. Questions related to personal and community security are crucial. Increasingly complex and operational chains and logistical networks place new demands on security. Security experts must be able to anticipate risks and work to minimize potential damage through cooperation.

The competence modules in the Degree Programme of Security Management are

  • - Business and Entrepreneurship knowledge
  • - Security Management with focus on building security, personal safety, security of operations, safety and security in society, information security or security management
  • - Service Innovation Development
  • - Work Community Expertise
For more details, information on how to apply, other practicalities, FAQ, etc. please refer to the Laurea website: