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AP University College

Profile of the university

Artesis Plantijn University College is a University College with about 9000 students, 23 Professional Bachelor and 8 Artistic degrees, divided over 4 departments and 2 schools of arts. Although we’re a brand new name on the market, AP has a long tradition in the educations processes. Students are the centre of attention and personal support is very important. Main quality of AP is “unity in difference”. This means the departments exceed their own domains and share their knowledge and skills, interdisciplinarity is a common concept. In AP University College students as well as employees get the chance to grow and flourish, and to build the self and the community. Any individual person gets the respect and confidence he/she deserves.

Description of the study program(s)

  Integral Safety"(Professional Bachelor)" - read more ...

Possibilities for incoming students

Description of English programs or other programs relevant for incoming students form other Conris members
Currently no English programs.
Work placements in Belgium might be possible.

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Conris related activities

  • Description of Conris related activities such as research centre, conference, fairs… Currently none, new member.