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University of Applied Sciences Bremerhaven

Profile of the university

Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences
  • is offering a four semester (two year) master course “Integrated Safety and Security Management (ISSM)”, which deals with a variety of aspects of safety and security of government agencies and private companies, as well as a close cooperation with fire brigades and case studies and/or lectures on life-saving institutions like the “Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbruechiger” (similar to the Royal National Lifeboat Institution).
  • is a university of the Federal State of Bremen. The so called “University by the Sea” owes its maritime focus not just to its geographical position directly at the point where the River Weser flows into the North Sea, but also to its history which has always been closely linked to seafaring.
  • is currently home to more than 2,600 national and international students in 14 Bachelor and 11 Master degree study courses. The spectrum includes the natural and engineering sciences as well as economics. Examples are
    • Cruise Tourism Management, Digital Media Production, Maritime Technologies, Transport/Logistik (Bachelor) and
    • Biotechnology, Embedded Systems Design, Integrated Safety and Security Management, Logistics Engineering and Management, Process Engineering and Energy Technology (Master)

Description of the study program(s)

  Integrated Safety and Security Management "(Master of Science)" - read more ...

Possibilities for incoming students

Approximately 15 – 20 % of the program ISSM is taught in English, hence a good command of German and English is required.

Contact Details

Conris related activities

  • Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences is actively participating in CONRIS summer school 2014/15/16 and in establishing a library of video lectures for the “Metropolis” scenario.